Happy Home

Hi readers! Youīve got to listen to this song! Iīm seriously in love in this:) Itīs called Happy Home by Hedegard who is a Danish singer. Hereīs the music video And hereīs the live version! Both of them sounds like almost the same:)

anti- bullying

Hello readers! I came over a video that gave me goosebumps! I can't stop watching this over and over again. I really want you to see this:) Have the most awesomest day ever!

Hello there!

Hello readers! What is a morning without sunshine and coffee? Except that I hate coffee... Anyways, you know this page called nelly.com? Well, they have so many awesome clothes! Hereīs something I found: HERE HEREHERE HERE Thereīs also been a song going through my mind everyday! I canīt ...

Les Awesome Summer

YO!(LO) Iīm back again! Starting with some fresh summer- inspired pictures taken from google.


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